Experiential Learning Center

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The Center is set to open in the fall of 2016 and will present its programming


The Israeli Center for Experiential Learning will open and begin to implement accessible and friendly methods of learning for users, enabling experimentation and use of tools and skills that promote individual learning opportunities, personal and social development.

Concept Emphasis:

  • Experiential learning is an excellent way to learn
  • Identifying opportunities for learning, learning takes place everywhere and with every occurrence
  • Encouraging pro-active learning
  • Relevant and sustainable experiences
  • Innovation and creativity at the base of each action
  • Observing and understanding learning as a tool for implementing Multi-faceted learning
  • Target groups and areas;

Target audiences:

studying and learning mediators:

  • Children, the main target audience
  • Teams, education and teaching
  • Parents

Areas of Practice:

  • Content development and multidisciplinary methodologies
  • Developing teams and users
  • Research and development
  • Marketing and distribution concepts
  • Fundraising (recognition, money, partnerships)