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The purpose of this space is to learn to read maps and countries, navigation skills and spatial orientation, introduction to the world around us. This space will get us more familiar with the Earth and its life forms. Acquaintance with outer space and the solar system and to teach them the elements necessary for human existence on different planets. In addition, we will learn how to implement ideas that exist in our imagination, and challenge the way we think.


Western theater was created in ancient Greece in the fifth century BC. At the time only male actors were allowed on stage.
The countries with the largest number of connecting borders are both Russia and China. Each border 14 other countries.
Most of the stuff we learn in the first four years in school life remain in our memories.
Text on Israeli banknotes and coins appear in three languages: Hebrew, Arabic and English.
The food we eat stays in our digestive system for 16 to 35 hours until discharge.
The average milk yield of the Israeli cow is the highest in the world: 11 thousand liters per year.
The familiar version of cherry tomatoes were developed by Israeli researchers.
The human brain is made of 85% water.
The New Israeli Shekel replaced the old shekel on the 4th of September 1985.
Israeli Couscous is an Israeli invention during the austerity era. The company "OSEM" invented them in 1951 at the request of David Ben-Gurion, who wanted to develop a wheat-based substitute for rice, which at the time was only available sparingly.
The 24-hour day was first introduced about 4,000 years ago the ancient Egyptians.
Alarm clocks have been around since the ancient Greeks. Plato, for example, used a clock that produced sound through water.
The world's largest clock is in Saudi Arabia. It stands 600 meters high and can be seen from a distance of 25 kilometers.
The four notches grooved into the two-shekel coin is designed to help the blind population. If it were a clock, the slots would be located at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00.
Euro banknotes display bridges and windows of various architectural styles. They are arranged chronologically according to the value of the note, and symbolize the unity and transparency of the European Union.
The first credit card was invented in 1950 by Frank McNamara, who was a founder of the first independent credit card company "Diners Club".
The food that we eat stays in our digestive system for 16 to 36 hours before being discharged.
The background on which appears the image of God in the painting "Creation of Man" by Michelangelo, adorning the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, is in the form of a precise anatomical cross-section of the human brain.
تظهر على أوراق اليورو النقدية جسور ونوافذ من تصاميم معمارية مختلفة. وتظهر هذه الرسوم بترتيب زمني، حسب قيمة الورقة النقدية، ويرمز ذلك إلى الشفافية والوحدة الذين يتّسم بهما الاتحاد الأوروبي.
الكتابة على الأوراق والقطع النقدية الإسرائيلية تظهر بثلاث لغات: العبرية والعربية والإنجليزية. ميدان الموارد
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Facilities in Explore The World zone

Space Camera – My Journey to the Moon

The moon is a natural satellite of the Earth, and people always aspired to reach it and learn it. On the lunar surfaceת craters and mountains are made of titanium and basalt. The first people that landed on the moon were Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, Americans. They reached the moon in the Apollo 11 spaceship, on 20 July 1969.

Animals against time

Here is a physical map, use the symbols on the legend to show the location of mountains, deserts, forests and climate characteristics other environments. The surface of the Earth is made of water and land. Different animals live in areas with different climatic and physical properties tailored to the climate they live in. Do you identify common animals living in the same area?

Feed the Penguins

The penguin is a special bird, living in arctic climates. They have wings but cannot fly, they live in a group and have a family life with a clear division of roles. After laying eggs, the father sits on it incubating the egg, while the mother hunts in the sea.

Life in Outer Space Trivia

The universe is much larger that the house we live in. It's bigger than the neighborhood, city, state, country and even continents and the Earth. How does it affect us? What is going on out there? Is there life?

Flags and Countries – Dart Map

Here is the political map of the Earth, showing the countries of the world and their borders with neighboring countries. Each country has a flag that represents and is associated with it. Each flag displays a unique combination of colors and shapes. When you set the arrow to the appropriate state, try to find out who its neighbors are and which continent it is. Want ...

The Globe and geographical network

On one side of the globe is the North Pole and the other side is the South Pole. Between them, exactly in the middle, passes an imaginary line called the "equator". Latitude makes it clear where the particular place on earth to the south or north of the equator. The equator itself is marked at 0 ° and latitude north and south are numbered, from ...

The Globe and world’s most popular languages

The world speaks many languages, some ancient and some modern. Today there are more than 6,000 spoken languages. How many of these languages have you heard? How many of them do you will recognize if you listen to them? The map will help you become familiar with other languages and show you which countries use them.

Watch Tower

Climbing to the top of the Watch Tower will give you a bird's eye view of the "See the World" exhibition. This way you can plan your visit and choose your route.

Imagination Playground

Architecture, is the art of building. Good building is characterized by durability, efficiency and beauty.

Weights in Outer Space

Our body mass is constant, no matter what inch of space we stand, but our weight changes. The reason is the difference in gravity on the various celestial bodies. To understand gravity, it is important to understand the difference between weight and mass: mass is the amount of material of any body. To measure mass we use a scale. Weight is the force which pulls ...

The Maze – lost objects in outer space

In space, there are tens of thousands of items floating around which were launched from Earth, things that people who visited left behind. Look at a map of the "Space Maze" and plan your way to find the lost items. It is important to collect them all, because they endanger astronauts and satellites in space. Garbage can be very harmful, astronauts who explore space litter ...

Climbing Wall

Climbing the highest mountains of the world teaches us about relativity: an important concept, concerning the difference in size, height, and distance between objects and places with common characteristics. That way we can compare, for example, the deserts, architectural structures, waterfalls and temperatures. Every continent is proud of its high mountain ridge and its famous Mountain; Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, in Asia Mount Everest which ...

Operation Hedgehog

Use the breadcrumb trail to get to know better the world we live in and complete the task successfully.

Atmospheric Wall

Explain where can sail, fly and drive various transport vehicles using the graphics. You can talk to the group about the various modes of transportation, where vehicles are located, and why. You can link transportation with the political map, which form of transport I can get and where. You can explain that one can fly to other countries and it is also possible to sail ...

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