The Team

The Lunada staff are dedicated to creating and operating an experiential learning experience for visitors, which is why it plays a central role at the museum, as Israel’s only Interactive Children’s Museum in Be’er Sheva.

The team of museum guides is carefully selected for their instructional abilities, teamwork, learning capacity, ongoing professional improvement and continual strive for excellence.

Lunada Management

Team Photo
Elad Azulay
Museum Director

Marketing Department

Team Photo
Galit Erez
Marketing Director
Team Photo
Alon Zvulun
Marketing Coordinator

Education and Docent Department

Team Photo
Ortal Azulay-Cohen
Docent Coordinator
Team Photo
Karen Shar
Educational coordinator, Ministry of Education

Orders and Ticketing Department

Team Photo
Matan Aviman-Vaknin
Orders and ticketing coordinator
Team Photo
Michal Moran
Office and ticketing
Team Photo
Adi Levi
Collection Coordinator

Maintenance Department

Team Photo
Beni Denino
Maintenance Director
Team Photo
Yosi Avitan

Museum Docent Staff

Team Photo
Team Photo
Team Photo

Ticketing and Lunada Coffee Shop

Team Photo
Team Photo

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