The purpose of the space is to have a competition between children in “Chutes and Ladders” to reach the lastRead More

Art And Music

Exposure to the world of art, meeting different mediums of art and experimentation in painting, crafts and music. The purposeRead More


The purpose of the exhibition is recognition and expression of the emotions that accompany us in everyday life, such asRead More

Little Ones

The purpose of the Little Movers exhibition teaches us that practice leads to improved performance. This space allows us toRead More

Explore The World

The purpose of this space is to learn to read maps and countries, navigation skills and spatial orientation, introduction toRead More


The Resources zone teaches us about the resources available in everyday life, we need to manage them wisely. This spaceRead More

Bigger Ones

The purpose of the Big Movers exhibition is to teach us that practice leads to improved performance. This space allowsRead More

Snakes And Ladders

Nonne vides quid sit? Tu es… suus ‘ suus ‘non aliud aerem. Nunc … qui cum partibus blowfish Isai? TuRead More


The purpose of exhibition is exposure to multiculturalism, encouraging tolerance and acceptance of others. This space offers a familiarity withRead More


Exposure to the world of theater, travel through the worlds of imagination and dramatization through stories. The purpose of theRead More

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